Ziggy Marley for HAPPYBOND

HAPPYBOND, a pet healthcare company that creates science-backed supplements, treats and accessories, has teamed up with eight-time Grammy winner and musician, to create an all-natural and toxic free skin care line for dogs. 

Many pet parents are looking for dog bathing products that are free of excess chemicals, artificial scents, or synthetic dyes. Brands that are transparent and as clean as possible seems to be a growing trend. Pet parents can now help to maintain their dog’s skin and coat with grooming products they can trust. The products being launched in this exclusive collaboration include:

Deep Clean Hemp, Mango & Banana Shampoo: This clean beauty shampoo is specially pH balanced for dog skin. It is made with mango and banana fruit extracts which contain carbohydrates and alpha-hydroxy acids that are known to stimulate gentle biological exfoliation through intelligent cell renewal, and added Pro-Vitamin B5 and Hemp Protein for more vibrant and healthier skin and protect fur from damage.  

Clean Beauty Leave in Conditioning and DetanglerEnriched with oat and sweet almond protein, apple, aloe, avocado and jojoba, this clean beauty leave in conditioning spray is gentle and super hydrating on both skin and fur. 

No Wash - Apple Avocado Oil, Aloe, Inulin & Hemp Refresher: This clean beauty no wash shampoo is specially pH balanced for dog skin, and will refresh and cleanse your pet between more elaborate grooming appointments. Your dog’s coat and skin will be rebalanced, hydrated and cleansed.

All of the Ziggy Marley and HAPPYBOND skin care products are Sulfate free, Paraben Free, Phthalate free, Synthetic Fragrance free (consists of only peppermint and rosemary essential oils) Gluten free, Mineral Oil Free and Silicone free. Based on natural renewable ingredients (sugar) which is biodegradable, it contributes to the reduction of waste in natural water and marine ecosystems, and exhibits low toxicity to aquatic organisms and has low potential for bioaccumulation.

“Ziggy’s passion for the natural world and spreading love to all - four-legged-friends included – combined with my drive to create healthy and effective science-based pet health products, has allowed for us to create two grooming products that go beyond just washing or freshening up your dog," said Anja Skodda, biotech scientist and founder of HAPPYBOND. "Each ingredient has been carefully selected to benefit your pup and the planet in extraordinary ways.”