Ren's Pets

QC-based family business the Legault Group, which owns Mondou stores, is has announced the acquisition of Ren’s Pets, a pet supply retailer based in Guelph, ON. The company acquires 100% of the shares of Ren’s Pets. This is Legault Group’s first acquisition outside of QC.

Ren’s Pets is growing rapidly and now has 35 stores: 31 in Ontario, two in New Brunswick and two in Nova Scotia, as well as a distribution center in Guelph. In the past few months, the company has opened three stores and plans to open three more by the end of the year. It employs close to 500 people and also has a transactional website for online orders that it ships across the country.

“This transaction is part of Legault Group’s growth plan, which is based on expanding our activities in Canada through acquisitions and partnerships focused on innovation,” said Martin Deschênes, CEO of Legault Group. “It will allow both companies to combine their strengths and accelerate their growth in Canada by opening new stores through an agile and flexible approach.”