Lord Jameson Large Breed Treats

Lord Jameson has launched its new Super Food Bites for Big Dogs, which are fueled with nutrients and packed with USDA organic whole food ingredients. The treats are 17g per ball, three times larger in size than the original 5.6g treats, and are perfect for outdoor activities as well as an everyday healthy treat. 

The Large Breed Collection will launch with three flavors – Celebration Bash, Savory Sweet and Blue Bliss. The collection includes an assortment of Lord Jameson’s best-selling flavors needed for active, larger breeds.  

CELEBRATION BASH – fragrant blend of peanut butter with festive party colored coconut shreds.

• SAVORY SWEET – the “sweet” of sweet potatoes combined with Lord Jameson’s custom blend of “savory”  spices and superfoods including organic carrots. 

• BLUE BLISS – rich notes of naturally grown wild blueberries layered with fragrant coconuts and gluten-free oats. 

All of the recipes are free of gluten, corn, soy, dairy, artificial colors, preservatives, and GMO ingredients. Each treat is soft and hand rolled in colorful shredded organic coconut. 

The Large Breed Collection will retail for $15.99 MSRP per 10 oz. stand up resealable pouch.