Pure Pheasant.jpg

MacFarlane Pheasants unveiled its new product line, Pure Pheasant, and its accompanying website, PurePheasant.com

The product line of locally-raised, all-natural pet products includes raw pheasant prey diet and a variety of freeze-dried pheasant treats.

Pure Pheasant pet products are prepared from the same top quality pheasant that is enjoyed by human customers nationwide. The birds are raised on MacFarlane’s farms in Southern Wisconsin with free roaming pens and barns, and are always raised without antibiotics or hormones.

Pure Pheasant also does not cut corners with preservatives or fillers.

“We’ve had customers reaching out to let us know that their pets have more energy and even seem happier since having our products,” said Bill MacFarlane, owner.

With the release of Pure Pheasant, the company added a new e-commerce store that ships its treats nationwide. The PurePheasant.com website allows for easy online ordering and also provides a list of local retailers throughout the country.