Merck Animal Health Acquires U.S. Rights to SENTINEL Brand

Merck Animal Health teamed up with The Street Dog Coalition to provide medications, vaccines and treatment for pets of those experiencing homelessness.

Currently present in more than 50 cities across the U.S., The Street Dog Coalition is a non-profit organization that offers free basic veterinary care to pets of homeless individuals by taking a one health approach to street medicine and caring for the lives on both ends of the leash.

Through the partnership, Merck Animal Health will support The Street Dog Coalition’s volunteer team of veterinarians, veterinary students, practice managers and technicians, by donating a year-long supply of its portfolio of vaccines and medications, including Bravecto, Sentinel and Nobivac, to protect thousands of unsheltered dogs and cats from various infectious diseases and problematic internal and external parasites caused by fleas, ticks, heartworms and intestinal worms.

Along with free veterinary care for dogs and cats living with homeless owners, The Street Dog Coalition works with local organizations to offer routine medical attention for humans experiencing homelessness. Through its collaboration with veterinarians, students and social workers, The Street Dog Coalition is committed to providing the best possible support for homeless individuals and their pets.

“For those experiencing homelessness, having a pet by your side can provide valuable love and companionship, mental health benefits, security and opportunities for responsibility – but it can also present challenges,” said Christine Royal, DVM, associate vice president of the U.S. companion animal and equine business unit,  Merck Animal Health. “As a company that stands by our unconditional commitment to pets, pet owners and those who care for them, it’s an honor to team up with The Street Dog Coalition and offer resources that allow their volunteer veterinarians to deliver accessible, quality care to those who need it most.”