Nilodor's new line of cat litter additive and odor eliminator was made to destroy odors completely without interrupting good litter box behavior. Backed by more than 50 years of scientific research and formulated with proven technologies, this additive and odor eliminator has been created to meet the needs of every cat owner. 

“Cleaning and odor elimination isn’t just our job at Nilodor; it really is our passion,” said Jamie Thomas, Director of Sales of Nilodor Pet. “We have a team of experienced chemists and long-time cat owners on staff who truly understand the unique bond people share with their cats. We are genuinely proud to offer an advanced product that has been specifically formulated to help our beloved cats stay healthy all while eliminating unpleasant odors.”

The product is one hundred percent organic and composed of natural corn cob proven dramatically effective in neutralizing even the worst litter box aromas.  Available in an easy to use shaker can, owners can easily and effectively spread this organic additive throughout the litter box and can expect immediate results. From deodorizing to blocking and absorbing, Nilodor’s Litter Additive and Odor Eliminator is the perfect accompaniment to any litter box. Consumers can find Nilodor Litter Additive and Odor Eliminator at finer retail and specialty pet stores nationwide, or visit here to shop online.