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Petco has announced that PupBox, a monthly subscription service for dogs, will expand to offer boxes across four life stages – Puppy, Young Pup, Grown Pup and Senior Pup – designed for a dog's specific needs at each stage of life. Building on the success of Petco's popular puppy-focused PupBox offering, these new boxes are sure to be a big hit with the millions of incremental new pets in homes since 2020.

The expanded offering will begin shipping to customers on September 15, 2021. Each new PupBox delivers tailored products and guidance, customized based on pet age, size, allergies, preferences, gender and weight. This expanded subscription service offering supplements Petco's full suite of membership options for pet parents.

Curated by Petco's trusted experts, each custom-built PupBox contains five to seven hand-picked items, including toys, accessories, treats and chews meeting Petco's industry-leading nutrition standards, as well as engaging educational materials, with costs ranging from $29 to $39 per box based on a monthly or annual commitment. Each box also includes exclusive offers and discounts on services at Petco pet care centers – including grooming, training and veterinary care – giving subscribers integrated access to Petco's complete pet care ecosystem.

Details on the new PupBox offerings include:

  • PupBox: Puppy – Ideal for newborns to six month-old puppies, this box will feature age-appropriate training guides to help address puppies' rapidly changing needs and growth and development, supporting pet parents through key milestones such as crate training and socialization.
  • PupBox: Young Pup – This box will be tailored to dogs roughly seven to 18 months old and will include important training guides to help ease the transition into adolescence, as well as content on more general health and wellness themes such as nutrition and grooming.
  • PupBox: Grown Pup – For dogs ranging from 19 months to six years old (or older, depending on dog size and breed), this box will provide pet parents with evergreen tips and products that are essential for a dog's adult life, with informative materials on topics such as mental health and seasonal themes.
  • PupBox: Senior Pup – The age at which an adult dog becomes a senior dog varies by pet breed and size, but typically ranges from seven to 11 years of age. Senior dogs have unique needs across nutrition, activity level and overall health. These specialty senior boxes will feature treats, toys and educational content aimed at guiding pet parents through their dogs' elderly years and will become available later in the year. Until these boxes are available, customers will be eligible to receive PupBox: Grown Pup for older dogs.

"As a pet health and wellness company, we partner with pet parents every step of the way, from their pets' birth through end of life, arming them with everything they need from products to services and expertise," said Petco chief digital and innovation officer Darren MacDonald. "The pet parenthood journey is full of joys and challenges, and with PupBox, our goal is to help take away the guesswork and support pet parents through all stages of their dogs' lives – puppyhood and beyond."