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Petco is expanding Jiminy's full line of sustainable insect-based dog foods and treats to roughly 800 Petco pet care centers and petco.com.

Earlier this year, Petco revealed its promise that half of its complete assortment of pet products will align with at least one of these five pillars by the end of 2025: responsible manufacturing, sustainably sourced materials, sustainably sourced ingredients, responsible packaging and animal welfare. In line with this commitment, Jiminy's offers a collection of food and treats that is both nutritious and eco-friendly. The brand has helped pioneer the standard of insect protein-based foods for dogs, including a peer-reviewed study with Animal Biome that concludes cricket protein supports a healthy, balanced level of gut bacteria diversity (gut microbiome) in dogs.

Jiminy's products are formulated with insect-based protein powder instead of traditional protein options such as beef or poultry, which have a significant impact on the environment. In the past year alone, Jiminy's estimates its products saved 218 million gallons of water and averted 20.5 million grams of greenhouse gas emissions.

"We recently announced our commitment to increasing our assortment of sustainable products to 50 percent by the end of 2025, and we're thrilled to be taking another step in that journey through our expanded partnership with Jiminy's," said Francesca Mahoney, head of sustainability at Petco. "We know how important it is to our customers that we team up with brands that are environmentally-conscious, and we're continuing to drive positive change within the pet space by making sustainable brands more readily available to pet parents."