PetDine Customer Experience Team

PetDine has announced its new customer experience team, committed to elevating client initiatives and delivering next-level support to ease every step of the customer's experience.

PetDine’s customer experience team will interact with clients through actionable, real-time insights designed to understand their business goals and create winning strategies to help them achieve market success. The new team, led by customer experience manager Gretchen Burdekin, includes three, client-focused project managers, Suzy Ferrin, Benjamin Fletcher and Maddy Knipp, who will provide regular guidance, communication and support across PetDine’s client portfolio.

Through the customer experience team, clients can now expect a holistic experience, including strategic innovations, increased reporting metrics and unparalleled guidance, at every touchpoint from ideation to product shipment. This move solidifies an enhanced contract-manufacturing experience for pet supplement products that actually live up to expectations.

“Our ‘made better’ company promise redefines the standard relationship between clients and contract-manufacturers,” said Burdekin. “By anticipating and delivering on customer needs at every step of their journey, our clients will gain an unprecedented level of support across all of our service channels.”