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Phillips Pet Food & Supplies will exclusively distribute Side by Side products in its Taunton, Pennsylvania, Lansing, Denver, Plant City and Sacramento distribution centers.

Side by Side uses sustainable, all-natural, whole food ingredients and a gentle freeze drying or low energy cooking process to retain the natural nutrients in each of its recipes, treats and supplements.

The company uses the principles of food energetics founded in Eastern Food Therapy to curate recipes that offer cooling, warming or neutral food properties based on the individualized needs of each dog. Side by Side has also developed a personalized Pet Health Assessment that helps pet parents match the right diet to their pup’s needs.

“Side by Side has created a compelling assortment of food and treats through the combination of Eastern food therapy and Western science,” said Elizabeth Thibodeau, senior vice president, merchandising and supply chain for Phillips Pet Food & Supplies. “Their products offer a unique alternative for pet parents seeking highly palatable, wholesome nutrition for their dogs.”