Phillips Pet Food and Supplies Promotes Two Employees

Phillips Pet Food & Supplies is partnering with Pro Clear Aquatic Systems in it’s Pennsylvania, Florida, South Carolina and Massachusetts distribution centers, and with Versele-Laga to distribute Higgins Premium Pet Foods out of its Texas distribution center.

Pro Clear Aquatic Systems has been at the forefront of innovation in the aquarium industry for 25 years, providing customers with quality acrylic products manufactured in the U.S. Products such as the Premier Wet Dry to the advanced RedFlex 4-in-1 are built by hand in Jacksonville, Fla. In recent years, Pro Clear Aquatic Systems began importing a line of acrylic cylinders dubbed ProCylinder and a rimless glass combo line dubbed ProStar. On April 16th the Pro Clear brand celebrated its 25th Anniversary.

Higgins Premium Pet Foods and its parent company Versele-Laga are committed to providing companion birds and small animals with high-quality, natural foods and treats made without the use of artificial ingredients. Its colors are sourced from nature and do not include chemical additives.