Purina-RedRover-Purple Leash Project

Purina and the nonprofit RedRover awarded six additional Purple Leash Project grants to domestic violence shelters across the country this winter.

The latest round of Purple Leash Project grant recipients include Sojourner Center in Maricopa County, Ariz.; Hope Haven of Cass County, Mo.; Palomar Family Justice Center in Oklahoma County, Okla.; Domestic Violence Intervention Program in Johnson County, Idaho; Domestic Abuse Family Shelter in Forrest County, Miss.; and YWCA Nashville and Middle Tennessee in Davidson County, Tenn.

Funding ensures that services provided to domestic abuse survivors are extended to family pets, who are often not allowed in shelters yet play a key role in whether or not a victim will leave her or his abuser.

The Purple Leash Project is a national effort to increase the number of pet-friendly domestic abuse shelters and provide more resources for survivors with pets. Shelters can use the grant money to complete renovations and upgrades to their survivor services offerings that will allow people and pets to escape and heal together. 

"As many nonprofits, including domestic violence service providers, have seen an increase in the need for their services throughout the pandemic, it's critical to continue the mission of the Purple Leash Project in supporting all of the victims of domestic abuse, including pets," said Nina Leigh Krueger, CEO and president of Purina. "By working together with RedRover to support shelters in their journey to become pet-friendly, we help create a better future for pets and the people who love them."

To learn more about the Purple Leash Project, visit PurpleLeashProject.com.