The group of pet specialty retailers that set out to form the Independent and Neighborhood Pet Retail Association (or IndiePet for short) made significant strides to becoming a reality and is now getting down to the final details of forming the association.

The steering committee for the group spent most of the day before Global Pet Expo kicked off making final plans to bring the organization to life and honing their mission and vision: "To empower independent and neighborhood pet retailers to work together as peers for the wellbeing of North American pets and pet owners as they maintain a strong, sustainable and growing place at the heart of the pet industry."


That steering committees is made up of seven prominent pet specialty retail chains, including:

Pet Food Express

Mud Bay

All the Best Pet Care

Independent Pet Partners

Healthy Spot

Pet People

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The goal of the group, which has spent months researching and discussing the details of what such an association should look like, is to be prepared to open up membership to other independent and neighborhood pet stores at SuperZoo in August.

"We’ve been looking for the best path forward to create something lasting that will support growth among indendent and neighborhood pet stores and keep them at the heart of the industry," said Al Puntillo, chief merchandising officer for Mud Bay.