Scout & Zoe’s introduced Super Fly, a line of pet treats created with black soldier fly larvae. 

The line of products includes Super Fly Black Soldier Fly Larvae, Super Fly Black Soldier Fly Food Topper and Super Fly Black Soldier Fly Jerky. Scout & Zoe’s Super Fly products contain high amounts of protein, lauric acid and amino acid. All of the company’s products feature no rawhide, pesticides, grains or chemicals.

Black soldier fly larvae are beneficial for pets and the environment because the larvae feed on food scraps, which helps reduce waste. According to the company, in one year, an acre of black soldier fly larvae farm can produce as much protein as 3,000 acres of cattle. They also don’t create significant amounts of greenhouse gases.

“At Scout & Zoe’s, we take a thoughtful, well-rounded approach to pet treat development,” said Cindy Dunston Quirk, CEO. “We’re not just looking at making tasty treats and food, though that is important. We want to [make] things that are delicious, full of nutrients and beneficial to our earth....with sustainability as one of our core values, we’re thrilled to utilize these little larvae in an innovative way that takes advantage of their small carbon footprint.”