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Skout’s Honor, the award-winning pet essentials brand known for natural cleaning, probiotic grooming and wellness, training and flea and tick solutions, has announced a new partnership with Groomer's Choice, a leading distributor of professional grooming supplies, tools and products for groomers and retailers.  

Skout’s Honor’s groundbreaking probiotic grooming line originally launched in 2016 in the pet specialty industry and has since experienced explosive growth with a following from industry professionals, pet specialty business owners, retailers, professional groomers, veterinarians and pet parents for it’s natural and preventative approach to pets’ skin health. Skout’s patent-pending and scientifically-proven probiotic technology is the only natural, non-medicated alternative to traditional treatments like steroids and antibiotics, designed to support and promote pets’ skin health.  

The ramp up in production and launch of Skout’s probiotic products for grooming professionals and service providers will accommodate the many business owners who are looking to match the quality of product to their quality of service.

“It comes down to supply and demand. Having a small grooming production line for this category didn't make sense for us anymore," said Shannan Morlas, VP of sales at Skout’s Honor. "We’ve ramped up everywhere - from manufacturing to sourcing of components, and now have the sales distribution we need with Groomer’s Choice to take this to the next level."

Skout’s Honor’s probiotic grooming solutions (shampoos, conditioners, detanglers, deodorizer sprays and other essentials) are available from Groomer’s Choice or directly via Skout’s Honor Direct. Inventory will be heavily monitored to assure grooming businesses and services have what they need, when they need it. For more information on items available please reach out to