Pet Food Institute

The Pet Food Institute (PFI) recently launched a new resource with practical feeding and treating tips to help pets sustain a healthy weight. 

Research findings show more than half of dogs (56 percent) and cats (60 percent) in the U.S. are overweight or obese, which can lead to serious health risks, including diabetes, respiratory disease or kidney disease. The video illustrates simple adjustments to feeding and treating habits that can help households ensure safe pet care.

“Whether a family welcomed home a new dog or cat for the first time, or someone spent more time with their four-legged co-worker at the home office, pets gave us all companionship and friendship during the last year. It’s important for pet lovers to show they care by keeping their dog or cat at a healthy weight to ensure well being,” said Dana Brooks, president and CEO of PFI. “With this new tool from PFI, pet lovers will be equipped with quick tips to avoid pet obesity and keep their pet’s weight in check.” 

In addition to the new digital resource, PFI has also developed additional and comprehensive web content with recommendations for feeding and treating practices. The tool joins a library of science-based information on, which explains the importance of pet food nutrition and safety.