Vetster Logo, the world’s fastest growing veterinary telehealth and pet care marketplace, today announced the launch of VetsterRx Online Pharmacy, the first online pet pharmacy provided by a veterinary telehealth platform. The delivery service for pet medications is now available to Vetster customers in the United States through the company’s new mobile app as well as on the website. 

As the shortage of veterinarians continues, resulting in limited clinic availability, Vetster has stepped forward to fulfill a much needed gap in the market. With nearly 40 percent of its appointments resulting in a prescription which pet owners previously fulfilled at outside pharmacies, the company decided to build out its own service to meet the increasing need. 

How Vetster and VetsterRx Online Pharmacy Works

  • Improved Access to Care - No matter their location, pet owners can book an online appointment with a Vetster veterinarian licensed to practice in their area through or the new Vetster Mobile App for iOS and Android.
  • Animals of All Kind - Vetster is the fastest growing veterinary marketplace with professionals ready to help pet owners of all animalkind including dogs, cats, horses, birds, reptiles, bunnies, guinea pigs and more.
  • Wallet Friendly - With appointments for as low as $50, pet parents can affordably improve the care for their animals.
  • Secure, High Quality Calls - Appointments are conducted virtually through secure video or online chat making it easy to speak to a veterinarian at home, on the road, or if living in rural or remote areas. On mobile, it’s easy to move the phone to work with the animal such as showing a close up of the face, or skin.
  • Fast and Convenient - Prescriptions (where available by local regulations) resulting from an appointment along with refills can be purchased from within the Vetster app and arrive within two business days to the pet owner's preferred location. 

For urgent prescriptions and/or those where VetsterRx is unavailable, pet owners can choose to have their prescription fulfilled at a local 24 hour human pharmacy.

“Veterinary telemedicine is evolving with the needs of today’s modern pet owner,” said Dr. Sarah Machell, medical director, “As veterinary telehealth evolves to support improved access to veterinary care across the United States, platforms like Vetster can step forward to quickly meet new pet owner needs. VetsterRx is one more way we are committed to improving access to care with quality and convenience.”