Bow Wow Labs Natural Chew Starter Kit

Bow Wow Labs, Inc.'s newest addition is a single-ingredient Natural Chew Starter Kit, which dogs of all ages, breeds and energy levels will enjoy. Whether a frisky pup or a chilled out senior, providing treats that are species-appropriate is important for helping them stay healthy, during all stages of life. Single-ingredient treats are also a great option for dogs with food sensitivities or for those dogs that tend to be finicky. 

The Natural Chew Starter Kit will consist of: Two 6" braided esophagus, two 6" esophagus flats, 4oz pork lung

6'' Braided Esophagus: Protein 83% Min, Moisture 11% Max, Crude Fat 4% Min , Crude Fiber 2% Mx

6'' Esophagus Flats: Protein 83% Min, Moisture 11% Max, Crude Fat 3% Min, Crude Fiber 3% Max

Pork Lung Bites: Protein 65% Min, Moisture 10% Max, Crude Fat 8% Min, Crude Fiber 3% Max

6'' Braided Esophagus: 25kcal/treat

6'' Esophagus Flats: 13Kcal/treat

Pork Lung Bites: 10Kcal/treat