Kala Karrier

Kala Karrier, the latest innovation in pet accessories from Kala & Ko, gives pet parents the functionality of both a dedicated dog towel and a dog carrier, all in one! The sister duo and co-founders of Kala & Ko believe that dog accessories should be an extension of dog owners. Their mission is to provide thoughtfully curated products for the adventurous, on-trend dog and owner. That's why Kala & Ko re-imagined the dog carrier to be more than just a carrier - so customers can get the most out of dog accessories.

Kala Karrier is a patented, one-of-a-kind three-in-one dog accessory that gives you the support of a carrier, functionality of a towel, and security of a compression vest. Kala Karrier is a simple way to dry and clean your dog and convert that same towel into a dog carrier. This means less mess and less stuff needed during an activity like going to the beach, walking around town, or just hanging out with friends. Unlike typical dog carriers, Kala Karrier cradles the dog close to their parents' body, providing a secure, snug feeling. Kala Karrier's physical closeness helps many dogs feel more comfortable and fosters the bond between dog and your human during outings.