Pet Botanics

Pet Botanics Freeze Dried Training Rewards are a meaty treat that contains just a single ingredient: real beef liver. The new beef liver treats are made via the freeze-drying method, in which moisture is removed by a vacuum-like process at freezing temperatures. This locks in the treats’ delicious flavor and gives them an irresistible beefy aroma and taste that will command pups’ attention and motivate them during training.

Another advantage of freeze drying is that it’s a natural way to keep foods fresh and extend shelf life without using preservatives. Pet Botanics Freeze Dried treats contain no BHA, BHT, artificial preservatives or artificial colors. At just two calories each, these treats are ideal for lengthy training sessions. The bite-sized treats can be given to dogs repeatedly to reward behavior, while limiting calorie intake. 

The Training Rewards are high in protein (67%) and contain no soy or corn, in addition to being additive- and preservative-free.  They are are available in two package sizes: 6 oz. ($12.99 MSRP) and 16 oz. ($28.77 MSRP).