PlusCBD Pet Oil

PlusCBD's CBD oil pet products are held to CV Sciences’ strict quality standards and are third party lab tested for purity, safety, and consistency. CV Sciences looks to nature and leans into science to create extraordinary formulas aimed at improving a pet’s quality of life. PlusCBD's pet products are made with the same trusted CO2 extracted hemp found in their time tested, consumer favorite PlusCBD extracts, so customers can feel good giving them to their pet each day.

PlusCBD Pet supports muscle and joint recovery after overuse (like from extra long trips to the dog park) and can help relieve occasional joint stiffness, giving them back their bounce. The oils can also be given to furry family members to help maintain emotional balance, and keep them calm and relaxed on even the most stressful days.

It is suggested that PlusCBD Pet liquids be given to a cat or dog daily for best results. Follow these serving suggestions: 1 fl oz bottle: give pet four pumps per 10 pounds of bodyweight. 1.86 fl oz bottle: give pet three pumps per 10 pounds of bodyweight. CBD oil is commonly given to pets in one of three ways: dispensed onto a spoon to lick off, taken at mealtime, or placed on the front paw to be licked off.

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