PetHub, Inc. announced that Lorien Clemens, co-founder and former COO, has been selected as PetHub’s new chief executive officer starting July 1, 2021. Clemens led the company’s pivot in 2016 that helped to bring PetHub digital pet license and rabies tags into over 650 communities within the United States and 750,000 pets onto the site. She has also guided PetHub to its wins of multiple pet industry awards for PetHub’s unique digital ID tags and online services.

“At PetHub we believe in taking the time to ensure we have everyone in the ‘right seat,’” said Tom Arnold, founder, chief technology officer and former CEO of PetHub. “My passion and core strengths are in technology, and my goal is to always take our company to the next level of tech. Having juggled the two roles of CEO and CTO for so many years, it is a relief to have someone so capable of taking over the critical role of chief executive.”