The world’s first interchangeable apparel harness was created by a team of Veterinary experts, an AKC judge, and K9 Wear co-founder James Straggas. 

The high-end, cruelty-free and celeb-loved hair care brand for humans offers a similarly luxurious shampoo for dogs. 

As pet parents demand wholesome products that optimize animal health, food formulas for canines are facing greater scrutiny. 

With the rise of stress and anxiety, the repercussions of the COVID-19 pandemic further strengthened the profitability of calming aids and behavior modification.

Better-for-you ingredients and soft textures are some of the key features of treats that are healthy and palatable for finicky felines. 

Safety and comfort are some of the main concerns pet owners express when it comes to finding the optimal habitats for their small pets. 

The lighting needs of herptiles vary, but retailers should be prepared to explain the benefits and significance of lighting for certain species. 

To encourage future hobbyists, stocking the right starter kits will help make aquarium care easier for novice or experienced consumers.

The carrier is machine washable and can be used on the sandiest, wettest, and dirtiest dogs.

The customer favorite dog treats are packaged in a holiday-themed gingerbread dog house.