Evolving past a simple product to occupy pets, chews are now created using formulas that are nutritious and offered in formulations that keep animals busy. 

Grain-inclusive diets for pets have continued to gain momentum as a valuable source of nutrition. 

As pet owners look for ways to keep their dogs active, they’re looking to fetch and tug toys to provide fun and playful solutions, making this category an increasingly profitable one for pet specialty retailers.

Now more than ever, consumers are looking to incorporate pet furniture in their homes that both meets the needs of their pets and fits with their style.     

As more pet parents realize how keenly their cats can suffer from stress, retailers can offer the products and guidance they’re looking for when trying to find the calming products best fit for their pets. 

Chameleons are fascinating reptiles to have as pets, but they’re a complicated animal best suited for experienced herpetologists.

With the expansion of the pet products business, more people are opening their minds to raising less traditional pets—including poultry birds.

These products are more than just a tasty snack for pets­—they offer the necessary nutrition to help our furry friends lead their healthiest lives. 

This collection of raw pet food and treat products aims to provide optimal nutrition and flavor for pets.

This collection of pet identification products and accessories will help ensure lost pets can be identified, increasing their chances of returning home. 

Limited-ingredient diets, which offer nutritional value without unnecessary ingredients, attract pet parents looking to keep their pet’s diet as simple as possible. 

Just like humans, cats wish they could get out more—though these pets are contending with more than just a pandemic. As primarily indoor creatures, cats have their own version of cabin fever and can go just as stir-crazy as the rest of us. Luckily, pet parents are finding solutions in two fo…

Pet parents are looking for treats with easily-identifiable ingredients and eco-friendly, sustainable production and packaging. 

As the nutritional needs of small animals vary significantly, and pet parents are seeking wholesome, healthy products, retailers need to be stocked with the appropriate selection.