The treats are ideal for pets with health issues or who are on a restricted diet.

Pet parents are seeking the ideal chews for their individual dogs’ needs, and are looking to retailers for guidance. 

Interactive toys and puzzles don’t just keep dogs mentally stimulated, active and engaged, they help foster an even stronger bond between owner and pet.

Just as fashion trends in the human world evolve, dog apparel has changed and improved over time. 

As more families welcome cats into their homes, retailers should offer a range of calming solutions to help these pets regulate stress. 

While there are a variety of bedding options for herptiles, retailers need to rely on their own instincts to determine which products are best fit for their stores. 

Understanding how to properly feed and prepare a fish’s meal will allow them to thrive in their aquatic environments. 

These hay-based products showcase how versatile and important hay is for a small animal’s health and habitat.  

This collection of oral care products can help pets maintain strong, healthy teeth.