Felines that exhibit destructive, aggressive or anxious traits need behavior-modification solutions to soothe their worries—not punish their behavior.  

These products work to maintain oral hygiene—a vital facet of pet health and well-being. 

Cat owners want to buy high-quality foods for their companions, and knowledgeable retailers can help drive sales in their stores. 

More cat parents are seeking durable climbers and scratchers that seamlessly blend in with their home decor. 

Pet owners are increasingly seeking out foods and treats containing more natural ingredients, motivated by a desire to feed their pets a less-processed, less-artificial diet—one that is more aligned with how they eat in the wild.  

With more cat litter options on the market than ever before, it’s important retailers are carrying litters that meet pet parent—and feline—needs. 

Retailers can help pet parents feel prepared for disasters big and small with the right first-aid products in their emergency kit. 

Interest in freeze-dried foods and treats is just starting to climb, representing a great opportunity for pet specialty retailers willing to jump on board to meet the burgeoning demand.