As more pet parents realize how keenly their cats can suffer from stress, retailers can offer the products and guidance they’re looking for when trying to find the calming products best fit for their pets. 

Just like humans, cats wish they could get out more—though these pets are contending with more than just a pandemic. As primarily indoor creatures, cats have their own version of cabin fever and can go just as stir-crazy as the rest of us. Luckily, pet parents are finding solutions in two fo…

Pet parents seeking natural solutions to help alleviate their cat’s anxiety are turning to retailers for the type of guidance that only independent pet stores can deliver. 

By stocking their stores with tempting on-trend foods and treats, pet specialty retailers can offer effective solutions and relief.

Treats within the feline category are now made with ingredients that will keep cats happy, while setting consumer minds at ease as they purchase quality products.

Flea and tick prevention has become a year-round practice, and pet parents want effective parasite treatment that's safe for felines.

When the need to transport or confine a cat arises, managing the task can be a hair-raising experience for pet and owner. Carriers and containment products offer a way to safely control even the fiercest of felines.

Curating a cat toy section should be a priority to attract—and retain—customers.

Most cats long to be outside, but as pet owners realize that nature is not always feline-friendly, they're turning to products that allow cats to experience the outdoors while curbing their inclination to stay.

Whether on the go or at home, these bowls will help pets have an enjoyable eating experience.

When buying pet furniture to suit their homes, consumers want to see products displayed in a way that will help create a vision for their spaces.

These carriers will help pets stay snug and safe while on the go.

The 18th annual Pet Business Industry Recognition Awards celebrate the most innovative products launched in the pet care category.