Whether for house-training or for travel, these pet carriers offer a safe and secure place for pets. 

Pet specialty retailers can appeal to cat owners by curating a toy selection that offers a multitude of benefits for cats. 

These first-aid and healthcare products can help alleviate a variety of pet ailments. 

Taking care of a pet’s health from the outside—whether it’s through the skin and coat or with oral care—benefits a pet’s overall wellness. 

As customers and their pets welcome the warmer weather, these summer essentials will ensure everyone is ready for some fun in the sun. 

As cats increasingly head outdoors, retailers should be prepared to meet their unique needs as well as owners’ safety concerns. 

Optimal healthcare and supplement products support a cat’s overall well being from the inside out. 

As more pet parents realize how keenly their cats can suffer from stress, retailers can offer the products and guidance they’re looking for when trying to find the calming products best fit for their pets. 

Just like humans, cats wish they could get out more—though these pets are contending with more than just a pandemic. As primarily indoor creatures, cats have their own version of cabin fever and can go just as stir-crazy as the rest of us. Luckily, pet parents are finding solutions in two fo…

Pet parents seeking natural solutions to help alleviate their cat’s anxiety are turning to retailers for the type of guidance that only independent pet stores can deliver. 

By stocking their stores with tempting on-trend foods and treats, pet specialty retailers can offer effective solutions and relief.

Treats within the feline category are now made with ingredients that will keep cats happy, while setting consumer minds at ease as they purchase quality products.