Freeze-dried foods and snacks offer customers convenient, safe and healthy options to satisfy their dogs’ needs. 

Dogs and their humans are closer than ever, meaning that more pet parents are turning to between-bath products that ensure pets stay clean and smelling fresh. 

As sales of collars, leashes and harnesses have increased, retailers can capitalize on cross-selling opportunities. 

Today, baked dog treats come in just about every size and flavor, making them perfect for retailers who want to set themselves apart and appeal to a wide variety of pet owners. 

As pet owners look for ways to keep their dogs active, they’re looking to fetch and tug toys to provide fun and playful solutions, making this category an increasingly profitable one for pet specialty retailers.

Limited-ingredient diets, which offer nutritional value without unnecessary ingredients, attract pet parents looking to keep their pet’s diet as simple as possible. 

Pet parents are looking for treats with easily-identifiable ingredients and eco-friendly, sustainable production and packaging. 

With boredom setting in, the holidays approaching and the weather getting colder, the dog apparel category is heating up.

As pet parents continue to prioritize their own self-care, they’re turning the same amount of attention to that of their pets.

With winter weather quickly approaching, pet stores should be stocked up with products that will help keep our four-legged friends warm and safe during the chilly season.

A series of internal and external methods should be used when it comes to changing a dog's attitude and behavior.

Building a compelling dog food and treats inventory requires pet specialty retailers to be on top of what's important to pet owners in order to get these customers through their doors.

While chew toys are often expected to be made from durable rubber, this growing category has evolved to incorporate a variety of tough materials.