West Paw bison treats are made with one ingredient: 100 percent natural air-dried proteins. 

The company's ostrich meat and bones are sourced from farmers that allow their birds to roam freely and consume an all-natural diet.

Natural chews for dogs are increasing in popularity as manufacturers pledge to use fewer ingredients with more unique, wholesome options.

The company is rounding out its CBD for Pets product line with an all-natural CBD Pet Balm that provides welcome relief for pets suffering from skin issues. 

When pets decide to venture outside of home and yard boundaries, effective identification solutions can make the difference in bringing them home safely. 

This creative category presents a vast amount of opportunities for retailers to encourage impulse purchases and increase sales. 

Customers can turn to pet retailers for advice on the best products and approaches to take while bathing pets at home. 

Whether for house-training or for travel, these pet carriers offer a safe and secure place for pets.