Understanding how to properly feed and prepare a fish’s meal will allow them to thrive in their aquatic environments. 

On top of being aesthetically pleasing, it’s imperative that the fish featured in display tanks can thrive in their environment. 

To encourage future hobbyists, stocking the right starter kits will help make aquarium care easier for novice or experienced consumers.

To be successful with today’s pet parents, manufacturers and retailers need to keep up with consumers’ changing perceptions of what natural pet foods can do. 

While freshwater livestock supply is expected to increase, this category has some new challenges ahead. 

Good lighting makes a difference for a variety of aquatic creatures. 

Expert independent retailers in the aquatic space are uniquely positioned to help customers find the right packaged diets for their fish.

As the availability of marine livestock is impeded by the COVID-19 pandemic, fish retailers have to get creative when sourcing these aquatic creatures.

The easy part of selling live and frozen food is the merchandising—the difficult part is ensuring it maintains its appeal to the fish.

One of the best ways to ensure a sale and help future hobbyists get off their feet is to offer starter kits with all the essentials they need.

When it comes to water treatments, fish hobbyists who can position themselves as experts in the field will see the most success.

The COVID-19 pandemic altered the supply chain for fish livestock, meaning it's time for retailers to adapt.