More customers view treating their pets to a spa day as not just a way to maintain a pet’s hygiene, but as an integral part of maintaining their overall health. 

Customers can turn to pet retailers for advice on the best products and approaches to take while bathing pets at home. 

Because there are so many perspectives on what a puppy cut actually is or how it should be done, it is important that groomers know what their clients are looking for when asking for this trim. 

This cute, creative cut is a great example of how freestyle haircuts can allow a groomer to have fun and add character to a groom.

These tables and lifts allow groomers to provide a safe grooming experience, for pets and for themselves. 

It may take time and patience to help dogs feel comfortable during grooming, but the extra effort will pay dividends in the long run. 

The COVID-19 pandemic has significantly altered the way groomers need to think about salon safety. 

These eight tips will go a long way in helping professional pet stylists take their scissor work to the next level.

This collection of shampoos and conditioners will leave pets fresh, clean and ready to style.

To be successful, mobile groomers need to set practices and policies in place to serve the customer and to help themselves. 

These tips and tricks will not only improve the quality of your grooming, but also help make the grooming process more efficient—and thus more profitable.

These brushes and combs will help keep a pet’s coat neat and clean.

Though the COVID-19 pandemic has influenced the ways grooming competitions are being held, there’s still no better time to enter the world of competitive grooming. 

Groomers can help pets get moisture-free faster after a bath with these drying products.