While these enclosures can achieve a more balanced and attractive vivarium, they’re not a feasible option for every animal. 

While there are a variety of bedding options for herptiles, retailers need to rely on their own instincts to determine which products are best fit for their stores. 

The lighting needs of herptiles vary, but retailers should be prepared to explain the benefits and significance of lighting for certain species. 

With a variety of enclosure options, it’s imperative to keep an animal’s specific needs in mind. 

Chameleons are fascinating reptiles to have as pets, but they’re a complicated animal best suited for experienced herpetologists.

As the years have passed, the availability of certain species has diminished while others have become more readily available.

While corn snakes make good pets, their genus includes many other viable options.

The 18th annual Pet Business Industry Recognition Awards celebrate the most innovative products launched in the pet care category.

As activists continue to fight for the rights of animals, they're inadvertently hurting ethical pet store owners.