As the nutritional needs of small animals vary significantly, and pet parents are seeking wholesome, healthy products, retailers need to be stocked with the appropriate selection.

To accommodate small animal herbivores that depend on quality hay for their health,  retailers should offer a range of hay-based products. 

While rabbit care may seem simple, these animals require a lot of attention and have specific nutritional needs. 

Just like every other type of pet, small animals of all breeds require proper energy outlets and sources of entertainment to keep them happy and healthy.

By employing effective in-store merchandising techniques and staying up to date on the best materials and latest trends, retailers can maximize return in the bedding and litter categories.

Ferret owners seek the same attention from the industry enjoyed by their dog- and cat-owning counterparts.

Utilizing the correct marketing and merchandising tools can turn small pet foods into big profit centers.

Small animals are receiving more attention as consumers demand products—such as chews—that improve a pet's quality of life.

The 18th annual Pet Business Industry Recognition Awards celebrate the most innovative products launched in the pet care category.

Finding success in small pet nutrition means understanding how they differ from cats and dogs—and how they're alike.

The key to enhancing sales of hay-based products for small pets is focusing on both quality and variety.

In addition to maximizing space and comfort for their pets, small animal owners are looking for aesthetically pleasing and easy-to-clean habitat options.

Many of small animals' needs can be addressed by carrying the right selection of toys.

These high-quality treats are formulated to be both tasty and healthy for small pets.