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It’s widely-known that pet owners spend a fairly consistent amount of money on their pets year over year, with little change due to trends, economic fluctuations, and other influences that tend to affect sales in other industries. Yet, small pet business owners either partially or entirely dependent upon the provision of services often still struggle to make ends meet.


The Problem

Much of the struggle for pet service providers is synonymous with the struggles of all small business owners—labor cost. Labor provides a valuable means for generating a return on investment when business owners, who wear multiple hats, simply cannot accomplish everything necessary throughout the day.

However, gaps in scheduling, late appointments and no-shows result in “dead time” when staff is on hand but not working. This can be especially problematic when team members have appointments later in the day but nothing to do in the meantime.


Eliminating Downtime

To avoid this, thousands of pet service providers utilize a powerful commerce platform such as Franpos with a built-in online booking feature. These solutions save time—and ultimately money—for pet service providers.

Online booking software allows business owners to plan shifts far in advance and enables pet owners the ability to schedule time with your service without ever needing to pick up a phone. By reducing the friction between a pet owner and a potential sale, higher numbers of appointments result.

Furthermore, labor can be carefully scheduled around a pre-planned schedule without leaving lots of dead time on the schedule. Late appointments and no-shows can be penalized, further incentivizing pet owners to fulfill their commitments to the appointment.

If your business operates with a blended appointment and walk-in hybrid, team members can set aside time in the store's point-of-sale system in advance, leaving at least one team member available for walk-ins at all times.


Final Thoughts

With all bookings seamlessly integrated into the store’s point of sale system, team members won’t need to worry about learning new software or signing in and out of registers. Team members can clock in, view their upcoming appointments, make adjustments, and sell products without ever needing to log in or out.

In short, pet service providers can use a system such as Franpos to drive sales in a way standalone online booking software simply cannot. Small business owners can make schedules that can save them thousands and give pet owners more opportunities to have their furry friends seen all at the same time.