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As we approach Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas, storeowners are gearing up for what is one of the most critical times of the year for their businesses. For pet store owners and pet service providers, however, finding a way to divert consumer spending away from the latest gadgets and televisions and towards pets can be a difficult task.

Here are the facts: 56% of households in the United States have a pet. These pets don’t disappear from October to January—and in many cases, pet owners may be looking to celebrate the holiday season by including their furry friends on their holiday shopping lists.

Here are a couple of ideas (and some examples!) on how you can keep your store top of mind this holiday season.


Build Genuine Relationships

Not every message from your store to your customers has to be a promotion or a sale. In many ways, simply wishing your customers a good day or providing some form of value with no further incentive to make a purchase can go a long way towards building brand loyalty.

For example, try sending an email or that goes a little like this:

Good Morning [Customer Name]!

For Halloween this year, we’re celebrating the black cats in our community that bring good luck and lots of love to their owners all year long!

Bring your black cat this weekend to [Your Store] and have a small toy on us—no purchase needed!

Have fun and stay safe out there!

By taking some time and buying a few extra toys for those who come in to redeem your reward, you can not only drive further sales but help build the stable, long-term clientele that will keep your store open through feast and famine.


Consider Text Messaging

If your store only uses standard email messaging, you may be missing out on sales that are easier to drive through texting.

Text messages offer a 98% open rate and drive sales better than their email messaging counterparts. That’s not a typo! Nearly everyone who gets your messages will read them, so why not send them?

Try sending a text message like this in the afternoon, before your customers get off of work:

Hey there!

Turkey Day is coming up—so why not let your pets celebrate with you?

All turkey-based pet food is 20% off today only. Come on in or order online with code: TURKEY20

A well-timed text message with a clear call to action and genuine value to your customers lets you take advantage of the season and build relationships all in one fell swoop.

Final Thoughts

Building customer relationships is critical to our business at Franpos—where our point-of-sale and commerce platform offers both automated and professionally-managed growth marketing campaigns to our clients.

Whether you opt to utilize a point of sale such as Franpos or go at it on your own, well-timed messages that drive value to your customers is critical to driving business during the holiday season. Customers are used to being inundated during the holiday season with intense ads with aggressive calls to purchase.

Our recommendation? Keep a cool head, offer genuine rewards, and don’t be afraid to give a few items away for a small profit. You’d be surprised just how far a gesture of kindness can go when given by a local business owner.