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Pet parents care a great deal about high-quality ingredients in nutritional products for their animals. In the past, dogs and cats were considered to be companions, but now pet parents consider their furry friends to be part of the family. With 72% of dog owners believing high-quality food is essential for optimal pet health, it’s not surprising that pet parents continue to turn towards natural foods, recognizable ingredients and nutritional supplements. As this trend and purchasing pattern continues, we see another ingredient category emerge—Postbiotics.


The Power of Postbiotics

Prebiotics. Probiotics. Now. . . Postbiotics. How does one keep them all straight? While the names are very similar, they do differ.

Probiotics are the “good” or “friendly” bacteria that promote a healthy digestive tract and work to break down and digest food. Prebiotics are food for the probiotics and support the growth of good bacteria while helping the immune system keep bad bacteria under control. When you feed prebiotics to probiotics, you get postbiotics.

Postbiotics are beneficial bioactive compounds that can be useful to promote health. Research has confirmed postbiotics could potentially maintain a healthy immune system, support the digestive system, and balance the microbiome in our pet’s gut. As most of our pet’s immune system is associated with its gut, gut health is linked to immune health. It’s also why postbiotics can be an integral part of keeping your pet healthy.

Although postbiotics can be  formed in the animal gut though the action of probiotics on prebiotics, variables such as antibiotic use or pet stress can impact this, resulting in varying level of success. Because of these factors, postbiotic production is hard to attain inside the animal. Thankfully, we have a solution—TruMune®.


TruMune® Postbiotics

TruMune is an advanced natural* postbiotic immune support product made from a proprietary fermentation process. Research has shown that unique bioactive compounds in TruMune work naturally with the biology of the animal to:

   • Optimize immunity

   • Maintain a healthy microbiome

   • Support vitality

So, what does that mean for pet food manufacturers?

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Above everything else, pet parents want their animals to be happy and healthy—but how can they tell if that is the case? When the body’s immune and digestive systems are functioning optimally, dogs are healthier and more comfortable engaging in behaviors that we associate with health, such as playing and running. A 2018 research study showed when running over a set distance following a trainer’s vehicle, dogs fed TruMune were 15% more active than control dogs. Not only were they playing and exploring, sometimes they even jumped in the lake for a quick swim, instead of simply following the vehicle to get from point A to point B. From this study, we could notice that TruMune and its postbiotic technology helps maintain healthy activity and vitality. This means a happier, more playful pet—in the end, isn’t that what we’re all looking for? 

Plus, as more pet parents define  “high-quality pet food” as containing natural or recognizable ingredients they trust, they can have added confidence in knowing that the same proprietary process used to create TruMune postbiotics is also used in the production of a premium human supplement intended for immune support and gut health.


A Healthy Outside Starts on the Inside

While prebiotics and probiotics have been widely accepted in the pet food industry, the introduction of postbiotics is the newest revolution in the pet gut health space. As research continues, what we know now is that postbiotics can positively affect pets in a way that matters to pet parents.

Pet parents are continuing to seek out new and novel ingredients. Because of this trend, pet food manufacturers must be on the lookout for innovative ways to help differentiate their brands, keeping both pet parents and the health and wellbeing of pets in mind when doing so. By incorporating the proven power of TruMune postbiotics into pet foods, they can meet these growing buyer desires and adopt this new ingredient trend for immune support and gut health in pets.

Discover everything you need to know about TruMune and the role it plays in the health of your pet here. Go with your gut and deliver more healthy days.

* as defined by AAFCO