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Reaching pet shoppers currently either working from home or reducing their time spent in public areas may initially seem like a detriment to many independent and smaller franchises in the pet space. However, that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Sure, it may be more difficult to appeal to regular customers without the option of face-to-face interaction, but focusing on innovation through “2D” enables business owners to cultivate meaningful relationships with customers and ensure massive online storefronts don’t hemorrhage profits away.

While pet stores have historically relied on traditional sales, focusing on both digital sales as well as delivery management (the “2D” approach) is not only critical for short-term survival, but long-term growth as well. By investing in innovations now, pet store owners can reap lucrative dividends on the other end of economic hardships.


Digital Sales

Building a digital sales platform isn’t always easy for well-established stores. Many pet store owners find themselves in the position of learning new technologies for the first time.

That’s why a commerce platform like Franpos can be incredibly valuable for small businesses. Franpos builds a digital sales platform filled with items and services in stock at the store and never sells product pet store owners don’t have.

Furthermore, integrating digital sales enables pet store owners to receive low inventory reports and manage inventory in one unified location. This way, opening a digital storefront is like adding to your existing storefront—no dual inventory, no reconciliation.

eCommerce sales have spiked this year, and with change management catalyzed by unprecedented global lockdowns, it would be foolhardy to assume things will return 100% to how they were at the beginning of the year. Building and maintaining a digital sales platform sets pet stores up for the future.

Plus, with Franpos, a custom-branded mobile application will be developed to give your customers even more options to order from your brand.


Delivery Management

With local customers spending the majority of their time at home, why not bring the store to them?

Alongside a digital storefront, delivery management is a critical aspect of owning and operating a pet store in 2020. And if labor cost remains an issue, there is a simple solution not many pet store owners know about.

Using an all-inclusive commerce platform such as Franpos enables pet store owners to outsource delivery using the Postmates network. Here’s how that works:

When an online order comes in and the system has been configured to outsource that delivery, a notification will be sent to a local Postmates driver to head to the store. Simultaneously, an order will be sent to staff at the applicable storefront to prepare the order for delivery. When the driver arrives, they pick up the package and head straight for the customer’s home.

And, if pet store owners don’t want to outsource delivery, they have the option of handling some or all of incoming orders internally. Using a robust employee-facing application, delivery routes are automatically generated and will send drivers on the most efficient route to deliver each order.


Final Thoughts

Instead of waiting for a return to normalcy, it is critical for pet store owners to invest in innovative technologies, point of sale systems, and commerce platforms such as Franpos to embrace the current trends and prepare for the future.

The trend of sales towards the digital space continues as it has for the past 20 years—so ensure your business is ready to thrive for the next 20 years, and beyond.