Gordon Dumesich, chief growth and marketing officer for Instinct pet foods, discusses how the brand continues to innovate pet nutrition after nearly two decades at the forefront of the raw food movement.

Karyn A. Cook, global marketing director for API, explains has how the company’s commitment to producing high-quality products and education is contributing to the revitalization of the aquarium hobby.

Founded by a pet industry veteran with unique insight on the needs of pets, pet owners and pet product retailers, H&C Animal Health has built a deep portfolio of leading pet care brands across a variety of health and wellness categories.

These manufacturers are committed to providing natural products for pets while offering eco-friendly solutions for the Earth. 

With a clear understanding of the wants and needs of pets and their owners—and a tightly controlled supply chain that is designed to deliver—the CEO of Chasing our Tails has formulated a winning approach to producing single- and limited-ingredient dog chews and treats.

Tyler Atkins, chief sales and marketing officer for SquarePet Nutrition, LLC, discusses how the company is innovating the pet food category with its high-quality, solution-based approach to nutrition. 

By prioritizing innovation, Skout’s Honor has flourished as a leading natural pet specialty brand. 

Bryan Nieman, brand director at Fromm Family Foods, discusses the company’s latest advances in pet nutrition, including the introduction of a new canine diet that harnesses the power of ancient grains.

Andrew Tippin, marketing manager for ZIWI USA, Inc., discusses the company’s commitment to supporting the health and longevity of pets, people and the environment through sustainable practices and charitable efforts. 

Jeff Riman, CEO of KING KANINE, discusses how the company continues to drive innovation and education within the CBD category.

Ken Wilks, vice president of sales for Superior Farms Pet Provisions, explains the company’s sustainable approach to crafting safe, high-quality meat-based treats. 

Jeff Riman, CEO of KING KANINE, discusses how the company continues to drive innovation and education within the CBD category.

Eden Hass, CEO of Petsport USA, discusses the approach that made the company an industry-leading innovator of pet toys and accessories.

Mark Pasco, vice president of sales for Mammoth Pet Products, explains why the company has been a leading toy brand in pet stores for years.

Matthew Roach, senior director of digital commerce for Animal Supply Company, explains how the pet specialty distributor has helped its retailer partners overcome the challenges presented by COVID-19. 

Elizabeth J. York, director of operations for Lone Wolf Pet Products, discusses how the company provides pet owners with U.S.-made leashes that are high-quality and durable, yet affordable.

This treat maker isn't letting the coronavirus get in the way of innovation.

Dr. Marcie J. Campion, pet technical lead for Black Gold Pet Food, explains how the company's approach to canine nutrition provides everything a dog needs to live an energetic and adventurous life.

Tom Glessner, chief commercial officer for MyFamily USA, discusses how the company is building on its reputation as one of the premier providers of instantly engraved ID tags.