A Natural Leader

Tell us about the PetAlive brand of herbal supplements and homeopathic remedies. What sets the brand apart in this product category? PetAlive is unique in the fact that we have the largest selection of herbal and homeopathic pet remedies in the market. Our goal is to be the one-stop destination for any type of aliment a pet may be experiencing. We have built our brand and product mix based on what our customers tell us they need. We want to provide pet parents around the world with the safest, most highly effective, all-natural healthcare options. PetAlive products are formulated by our team of experts in naturopathy, homeopathy and other natural remedy disciplines, with a collective passion to ensure delivery of the highest quality, efficacy and safety. We are committed to preserving the balance of our environment by using sustainably and organically farmed or ethically wild-crafted ingredients whenever possible, and the Full Spectrum method of extraction to maintain the plant’s natural integrity and balance.


What are some of your most popular products? What makes these items resonate with pet owners? The categories our customers search for the most are kidney, thyroid and urinary tract health. Our No. 1 selling product line is Cushex-S and Cushex-M. We take a dual modality approach to address common symptoms of Cushing’s disease and support endocrine system health in dogs. Dual modality is the use of both herbal and homeopathic products in tandem for a holistic approach to health. That’s what makes our company different from a lot of others in the industry. The Cushe-S items are herbal and the Cushex-M items are homeopathic. They are both liquid and come in 2 fl. oz. bottles.


What are some of your newest product introductions? What are the key selling points of these products? To help improve the quality of life for aging pets, our newest product is EyeClear Pet—a safe, effective, non-addictive natural homeopathic remedy for common cataract symptoms. EyeClear Pet is specially formulated by our team of experts in the natural medicine, EyeClear Pet helps temporarily relieve common cataract symptoms and minor eye pain in pets. EyeClear Pet can also temporarily reduce itchy, watery, swollen and red eyes.

Taken internally, EyeClear Pet is a safe and effective choice for relieving symptoms of eye pressure, irritation and eye fatigue due to cataracts. The natural homeopathic ingredients of EyeClear Pet also address blurry, clouded or distorted vision.

As pet parents have experienced the benefits that come from hemp/CBD products, there has been increasing demand for hemp/CBD products for pets. PetAlive has introduced two hemp tinctures specifically formulated for pets. Tinctures are convenient and easy to use. Dosing can easily be adjusted by weight and need of the pet. Just a few drops added to a treat or your pet’s food can provide all the benefits the pet parent is looking for with hemp.


Aside from offering safe, effective healthcare solutions, how does Pet Alive help drive sales in pet stores? What types of sales and marketing support do you provide to retailers? When it comes to healthcare items, the idea is to look at the lifetime value of the customer. Most healthcare related items are not a onetime buy. If the pet is dealing with an ailment, it may be present for the duration of their life. Therefore, it is crucial that when a customer comes to the store that the right product is on the shelf and the staff can educate them.

Make sure you only carry products you believe in and know are of the highest quality. There is a wide range of pet aliments. Having an array of products for those aliments is going to make that retailer the first destination a pet parent thinks of when a healthcare issue arises.

Pet parents are going to ask a lot of questions about active ingredients and expect staff to know the answers before they give it to their pet. PetAlive products are very aliment specific, so if the customer knows what issues the pet is dealing with, it will be easy to recommend the right product from our product line.


What does the future hold for PetAlive? Do you currently have any new products in the pipeline? As pets are living longer, pet parents are looking to ensure that extra time comes with a comfortable quality of life and PetAlive is here to help them achieve that.

We are continually researching ingredients and ailments to provide the best possible natural solution for your pets. We do have new products in the pipeline and will be making launch announcements when those products are ready to go to market.

PetAlive was founded on requests from our Native Remedies customers for natural solutions for their pets. This condition continues and we are always looking for feedback from pet parents and pet business owners as to the products their customers are looking for.  PB