Featuring Lone Wolf Pet Products

Tell us about Lone Wolf Pet Products. How did the company get started? What types of products do you offer? What sets you apart from your competitors? Lone Wolf Pet Products is a family-owned and -operated business that began 11 years ago when John York, founder and owner, saw a great need for not only a durable, high-quality, made in the USA leash at a reasonable price, but also an alternative for the round, braided rope leash.

Lone Wolf leashes are handmade at our Spring, Texas facility. Each is crafted as if our own pets would be using the product. We offer a wide variety of flat and round braided leashes; our clients have the option of 1/4-inch flat or round rope, 3/8- or 1/2-inch round rope, and 5/8-inch flat rope. Lone Wolf also offers quite a few lengths and styles of leashes—slips, snaps, Martingales, traffic leads and couplers. We also offer a five-function multipurpose leash in our flat, braided rope.

We offer many choices of vibrant colors—in both solids and eye-catching combinations. In fact, our "pack" recently created our newest limited-edition leash for Halloween, called Hobgoblin. This stunning combination of lime green, purple, orange and black is a perfect addition to those Halloween costumes and is available in 1/2-inch round or 5/8-inch flat rope.

What sets Lone Wolf apart is our dedication to quality and outstanding customer service. These values have ensured our sustained growth over the years. We have many professional trainers, handlers, rescue groups and veterinary groups that recommend our products, as well as great word-of-mouth recommendations. Our customers know that when they get or use a Lone Wolf leash, they have a quality product.


What are some of your best-selling products/lines? Why are these products popular with pet store shoppers? While all of our products do well, our best-selling products are the flat, braided rope leashes. The popularity of this flat leash is due to a combination of value, durability, quality and color. Being made in the USA is also an important factor. Many of our clients like the way the flat leash lies on the dog’s neck—the goal John wanted to achieve when he created Lone Wolf. Our data shows the colors capture customer attention, and then when shoppers examine our leashes, they love the way they look and feel.


What are some of your newest product introductions? What are the key features that make these products unique? Lone Wolf recently introduced the 1/4-inch solid braided, round leash line, and it has been so popular that we just added five additional colors. Some of the key features are versatility and durability, as well as an affordable price. In addition, Lone Wolf is introducing our Hobgoblin limited-edition Halloween leash and will introduce our winter limited-edition leash, called Winterfell, next month. Colors are trending and offer unique variety. And, of course, most dogs love to be fashionable.


What types of retailers does Lone Wolf work with? What types of sales and marketing support do you provide to these retail partners? Lone Wolf works with a variety of retailers—brick-and-mortar, rescue groups, vendors, professional trainers and handlers, veterinary clinics, e-commerce clients, even the Guide Dogs for the Blind Training organization. We offer a variety of pricing strategies that benefit everyone’s bottom line. We often receive calls from individuals seeking to purchase a leash, and we direct them to the nearest retailer. Lone Wolf has retail partners in almost every state and several international partners. We gladly try to accommodate any type of unique or specific need of our partners. Our team does a tremendous job at providing rapid turnaround times to ensure our clients generate the sale.


What does the future hold for Lone Wolf Pet Products? The future is bright for Lone Wolf Pet Products! We are increasing our production capabilities in order to better meet the growing needs of our clients, because turnaround time is crucial. We will continue to expand options in colors, styles, lengths and limited-edition offerings. Lone Wolf continues to evaluate new product lines based on trends and customer needs. We plan to introduce our line of webbing for leashes and collars later in the year. By providing high-quality, durable, beautifully made in the USA leashes, Lone Wolf is confident about our future. PB