Ryan Yamka, PhD, co-founder of Guardian Pet Food Company and board-certified companion animal nutritionist, discusses how the company is innovating the way high-quality nutrition is delivered to pets with unique product formats and a science-based approach to formulation. 

Pam Mills,  marketing manager for Uckele Health & Nutrition, explains how a nutrition-focused approach to branded products and contract manufacturing makes the company a great partner for pet stores.

Here’s a look at the Pet Industry Joint Advisory Council’s accomplishments and updates from 2020. 

Stephen Ratner, co-founder and president of The Delray Dog Company, explains how the company is combining fun and function with its inaugural line of U.S.-sourced treats, which feature only two ingredients—a single protein and a fruit topper.

Debbie Phillips-Donaldson, editor-in-chief, Petfood Industry/Petfood Forum, reveals what attendees can expect when one of the pet food industry’s most important events returns to Kansas City, Mo., September 22-24.

Joe Roetheli, CEO of Pet’s Best Life, explains why the company’s Yummy Combs dental treats are the perfect solution for an essential element of pet health—oral care.

Dr.  Timothy Hovanec, CEO of Dr. Tim’s Aquatics, discusses how his company—and retailers—can help hobbyists maintain clean, healthy aquariums.

The latest edition of the APPA National Pet Owners Survey reveals significant post-pandemic changes for the pet care industry. 

Matthew Banach, Sr., director of marketing for Gold Eagle Co., and Jessica Jager, TriNova brand manager, explain how the company is extending its approach to helping protect and care for the things people love into the pet category.