Orijen Dog Food

What sets Champion Petfoods apart from competitors? 

Champion Petfoods is an award-winning pet food maker with a reputation of trust spanning more than 35 years. At Champion, we take pride in being one of the leading premium pet food companies. We only make premium pet food. It’s our entire focus. 

We specialize in making foods that are biologically appropriate to nourish as nature intended and we believe in doing whatever it takes to help pets thrive and reach the peak of their natural potential. That means we include the finest whole-prey ingredients from both fresh and raw animal sources. All our ingredients have been selected from carefully curated suppliers whom we know and trust. Our foods are crafted with integrity and intention by passionate nutrition and health experts in world class kitchens. As pet lovers ourselves, we strive to provide the highest quality and safety in every ORIJEN and ACANA product we make.


Why is the concept of “biologically appropriate?” Why is it important?

At Champion, we are on a crusade to ensure pets eat the best ingredients possible. We pioneered biologically appropriate, which means every one of our recipes is crafted with purpose and reflects our commitment to mirror the diet nature and evolution intended dogs and cats to eat. For meat eaters, that means higher amounts of protein from animal sources and fewer carbohydrates. 

We also introduced whole-prey ingredients to give pets the most succulent, nourishing parts of the animal, including meat, poultry, organs and bones. Fresh or raw meat, poultry or fish are always the lead ingredients in ORIJEN and ACANA recipes to provide pets with peak nutrition, optimal nourishment and ultimate flavor.

We strive to create pet food that respects the natural physiology of dogs and cats with the goal of supporting long-term health, for which nutrition plays a significant role. In doing so, we support pets in living long, happy, and fulfilled lives.



What are some of the bestselling products for ORIJEN AND ACANA?

Within the ORIJEN dog portfolio, the Original diet is our bestseller. Puppy is also a top choice as pet parents seek out the best for their new family members. Both diets are free-run poultry – the chickens and turkeys are not housed in cages and are able to move in a barn without outdoor access – recipes containing 85 percent premium animal ingredients with unsurpassed WholePrey nutrition. In our ORIJEN cat portfolio, Cat & Kitten is one of our most popular products, featuring 90 percent premium animal ingredients. Fit & Trim is also a popular choice for those looking for weight maintenance.

In our ACANA portfolio, Red Meat and Free-Run Poultry are standouts for dogs. These high-protein, balanced foods are available both in grain-free and wholesome grains options. For ACANA Cat, Indoor Entrée and Meadowlands are favorites for adult cats, while First Feast is an excellent choice for new kittens.

Our new ACANA High-Protein Biscuits have made quite a splash. The five simple ingredients used to create these crunchy treats have offered pet lovers a guilt-free way to spoil their dogs. 


How does Champion Petfoods help retailers drive sales?

We support a wide range of retailers, from local independent, neighborhood pet retailers to larger pet specialty chains and e-commerce platforms focused on pets’ needs. Each of our retail partners is unique and requires tailored support to drive sales, which we help them do in many ways. 

We make educational and training resources available, so sales associates have the trust, knowledge and information needed to recommend ORIJEN and ACANA to their customers. 

We expanded the “Where to Buy” capabilities on our websites, so curbside pickup, online delivery and same-day delivery options are highlighted, making it easier for pet lovers to find retailers that offer these different services. Point-of-sale marketing materials are available for in-store promotions, and we build awareness with pet lovers through dynamic online video, advertising and social media content. More recently, we increased our investment in marketing to elevate brand awareness, leveraged insights and data to update our brand positioning and prioritized product innovation. 


What does the future hold for Champion Petfoods? What innovation can we expect from the brands in 2021?

This year has been one of our most exciting years on record for Champion as we enter new categories for the first time in our 35-year history. Pets are loved members of the family. As a society, we don’t compromise on what we feed our families, so why would we compromise on what we feed our pets? It’s in that vein that we are excited to share several new product innovations: 

ORIJEN Premium Wet Dog Foods are crafted with 95 percent quality animal ingredients in WholePrey ratios. (The 95 percent is an approximate value and excludes water for processing.) It has the large shreds of real meat and includes minimal supplementation. The line comes in six recipes: Puppy Pate, Original, Chicken, Beef, Regional Red and Tundra.

ACANA Premium Chunks are crafted with 85 percent quality animal ingredients in a savory bone broth base. (The 85 percent is approximate and derived from the unprocessed state of the ingredients.) It has large chunks of meat and visible fruits and vegetables. The line is available in six recipes: Puppy Pate, Poultry, Beef, Lamb, Pork and Duck.

ACANA High-Protein Biscuits are crunchy, guilt-free treats composed of five ingredients, including nutrient-dense liver, and are available in four recipes: Beef Liver, Chicken Liver, Turkey Liver and Pork Liver.

ACANA Freeze-Dried Food is made up of 90 percent premium animal ingredients in WholePrey ratios and features a savory bone broth. They come in two variations, patties to be fed as a wholly balanced meal or morsels to be fed as a delicious meal topper, and are available in four recipes, including ranch-raised beef, free-run chicken, free-run turkey and duck.

These new foods, plus additional exciting launches coming later this year, result in endless build-a-bowl possibilities using ORIJEN and ACANA products. Pet lovers can keep their pet’s interests piqued by building unique recipes using kibble, freeze-dried food and wet food.


What is the in-house Research and Innovation team doing to help drive new innovation at Champion?

With the introduction of so many new food and treat options this year, it’s clear our Research and Innovation team is passionate about providing nutritious and exciting options. Our pet nutrition experts—including PhD-level nutritionists, food scientists, and in-house and external veterinarians—continually pursue the advancement of nutrition and wellness for pets. By leading and implementing the latest developments in science, our experts create nutritious food dogs and cats need to thrive. 

Pets are members of our families and we want to support their long-term health with the most advanced ingredients and optimal recipes possible. Beyond meeting all applicable international pet nutrition guidelines, ORIJEN and ACANA recipes go through an additional validation process to meet our superior standards—the Champion standard.  PB